Joyful Movement for a Joyful Life

Body Unity Systems

is NOT another exercise program!

Get Ready For:

a synergistic approach that

helps you get out of relentless pain 

and understand how to move effortlessly to live a joyful life!

Hi, I’m ZoyaMarie and I created Body Unity Systems.

For the past 25 years I’ve worked with thousands of clients to help them alleviate relentless pain or up-level athletic goals.

In addition, I provide them with self-healing tools that last a lifetime, so they can live in a body that feels joyful & free. I’d love to help you too.

Welcome to your path to find more joy in your movement.

Whether you are coming from a place of intense pain, recovering from an injury or trauma,
have chronic aches and pains, or want to enhance your athletic performance,
Body Unity Systems will meet you where you’re at
and offer you recommendations for positive lasting changes. 

Service Choices

Classes & Workshops

  • ongoing classes   
  • consistency & variety
  • workshops
  • topic focused content

Group Programs

In depth study of the natural function of the body. Embodiment of the knowledge learned with simple real life applications.

VIP Private Sessions

Specialized attention to your particular needs and desires for your personal movement  aspirations

Not sure which service would best serve you?
Let’s have a conversation!

Sign up for a FREE 30 min Move with Joy Strategy Session,
where we will discuss what you’re experiencing in your body &
discover which program is best for you.

I have been working with ZoyaMarie for over 15 years. During this time, she has educated me about natural function and the essence of good alignment, freed my muscle and fascial tissue, and was instrumental in my recovery through two serious bicycle accidents.

Though I had access to traditional physical therapy, ZoyaMarie added tremendous dimension and understanding to my exercise program, thus helping me to achieve greater recovery, function, and range of motion than my doctors envisioned for me.

I am back on my bike, taking long, joyful rides alongside my husband…and loving it!

During the restrictions caused by Covid-19, I have worked with ZoyaMarie exclusively online. Even in this format, she is very effective, noticing subtle details in my movement and holding patterns, and providing useful and specific guidance.

ZoyaMarie is compassionate and brings a sense of fun to her work. The things I have gained from her guidance have benefited so many aspects of my life, helping me to remain healthy and pursue all of the activities that I love.

Laurel Elkjer


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