Joyful Movement for a Joyful Life

Your Body is an Expression of Who You Are!


My mission it to help you get your body out of pain & strain and live with its full potential. With the education of how natural, fluid movement works and self-healing tools, we, as a team, will flush out the concerns, embrace the desires and create a path to maintain the new you!

I aspire to give the power & ownership of your own body…BACK TO YOU!!


You and only you live in your body.

Me, age 4, when I first remember “seeing”

Grounded in Science… Expressed in Spirit


Ever since I can remember I could see, what I called as a child, “black spots” on people. When I got a little older, I would touch someone where I saw a “black spot” and ask, “Does it hurt here?” The response 99½% of the time was, “Yeah, it does! How did you know? I didn’t even know it hurt there until you touched it.” I could only reply, “I don’t know, I just saw a black spot.” As an adult I have come to understand that those spots are places of held energy.

Even though I had an innate ability to see discomfort, when I grew up I wanted to understand, in real knowledge, WHY the pain was there. So I began my journey to the education I now have.

I got started because I had 3 daughters seriously studying ballet..and their bodies needed assistance.

We went to a chiropractor and then to an osteopath. After responding to my many ongoing questions, the osteopath suggested that I should take up the study of the body and become a massage therapist. So it began…and developed far beyond massage therapy.

All of my studies brought me to develop Body Unity Systems. Not just for my daughters, but also because I care about people enjoying their life experience in their bodies.

Education & Certifications


  • 1992 CMT/ Swedish, Sports Reflexology/Aromatherapy
  • 1997 Pilates Teacher w/ Marie-Jose Blom/Certified
  • 2004-2007 Franklin Method Level III graduate/Certified
  • 2005-2006 Structural Integration KMI/ Certified
  • 2009 Fibromyalgia Treatments/Certified
  • 2011 Hydrotherapy for joint replacements, stroke, MS-at JCC
  • 2013 Parkinson’s Treatment/certified
  • 2015 Osteopathy Techniques with Ron Murray/Pelvis, Thorax, Cranial
  • 2016 Neurofascial Release w/Erik Dalton
  • 2017 Eric Franklin’s Fascia Course
  • 2018 Eric Franklin Advanced Course in NYC
  • 2021 Dissection of to the bone/leg,hip..arm/shoulder w/ Tom Myers&Todd Garcia
  • 2021 3 Day course.. Training the Fascia of the Pelvic Floor Eric Franklin
  • 2021 Happy Face, Fascia and floor of the jaw, Eric Franklin2021 Dissection of the cranium/brain/dura of spine with Tom Myers and Todd Garcia
  • 2021 Fit Feet with Eric Franklin
  • 2021 Eye and inner ear dissection with Tom Myers & Todd Garcia
  • 2021 Brain and spinal cord dissection with Tom Myers & Todd Garcia

Workshops Taught:

YMCA Strong and Supple Shoulders

  • MELT Intro workshop


  • Summer Student Program/6 wks/Pilates&Franklin Method


  • Happy Knees
  • Stable and Flexible Feet for Better Balance
    3 Series:
    1. Dynamic Pelvis & Hip Joints
    2. Hardworking Knee
    3. Flexible Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Stability
  • Intro to MELT
  • Feet, Knees, Hip Bone Rhythms and Muscle Energy for improved hiking and stairs-going up and down.
  • Delay the Disease, Parkinson’s Workshop
  • Therapy for Knee Pain and Disfunction

BERKELEY BALLET THEATRE- for Teachers & Adult Students

  • Flexible and Strong Feet
  • Neck and Shoulders-Heart and Lungs
  • 2 Series       Supple Spine
  • Breath Into Movement, understanding how the breath works
  • Dynamic Pelvis
  • 3 years teaching Summer Students /Franklin Method

 PILATES STUDIO Princeville, Kauai

  • MELT Foot and Hand Workshop


    • Franklin Method, various topics
    • MELT intro classes, balls and rollers
    • Franklin Method, balls and Bands
    • Z’Move classes, a blend of movement modalities

    • Argentine Tango, Reading your partner non-verbally

Through all of the studies and experiences,
Body Unity System’s concept of working with bodies
via many manual and movement modalities
has created a blended style of its own.

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