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Group Programs

In depth study of the natural function of the body. Embodiment of the knowledge learned with simple real life applications.

VIP Private Sessions

Specialized attention to your particular needs and desires for your personal movement  aspirations

Structural Integration
This involves analyzing the body’s relationship to gravity and working with fascia to create balance in that gravitational relationship. Through combined manual bodywork and movement analysis, structural integration creates physical change and new movement patterns that will support natural ease in the body’s structure and function.
Franklin Method

The embodiment and application of knowledge of the natural function of the body to your “sense” of what you feel. Movement education with the use of imagery increases function. This both enhances the experience and creates greater change in your body for more joy in movement.


The use of exercises that create inner stability… which leads to better mobility. Pilates offers a focus on localized areas of the body that facilitates both physical strengthening and the strengthening of internal communications with other systems of the body.


Body Unity Systems teaches how to “hold” the pose without becoming static while maintaining structural integrity. This involves the use of breath combined with imagery of the tissues that are being asked to “co-operate” so the fluidity of the body will be more congruent as a whole.


The use on essential oils that can release stuck tissue, relieve nerve and muscle pain plus create a sense of calm and balance in the body. The application and absorption of oils through the skin in addition to the effect of various aromatherapy scents on the olfactory system that affects multiple areas of the brain can offer very powerful results.

Z’Move Classes

NOT just another exercise class
currently on Zoom

The  Z’Move focus is WHY it matters to move the WAY you do.

Understanding how the body was meant to function is key to any exercise or movement you chose to do.

Classes can include:

  • Short education of the topic of the day.
  • Learning the function
  • Application of that function into movement, 
  • Assessment of how you carry yourself in relationship to gravity
  • Tension Release Techniques by unsticking the fascia
  • How it can apply to everyday life.

Some classes require some simple, inexpensive items- balls, bands, or soft roller.

Body Unity System Z’Move classes are a unique blend of Franklin Method, Structural Integration, Fascia Release, pilates, yoga, and MELT.

Classes are now presented on Zoom. 

(If you would like individual focus, please look at the VIP section.)


I thoroughly enjoy ZoyaMarie’s Z’Move classes especially due to the educational approach  she shares regarding how the body functions. As with anything in life, exercise should not be carried out in a mindless rote fashion if one is to derive maximum benefit from the effort.

This is not always the case with other exercise classes. 

Louise Hoppe

Retired RN

ZoyaMarie Jilbere is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have taken classes from and readily shares her wisdom and knowledge with her students

As an Ironman triathlete in my 50’s, ZoyaMarie’s Z’Move classes have greatly helped me recover from my strenuous training, help improve my flexibility, balance, and mobility with the use of mental imagery. She is one of the few instructors that actually explains in detail why we do an exercise and how it benefits our body and overall health.

Patty Sanders



Workshops are designed to get deeper with specific content

Workshop topics vary and can cover:

  • Foot
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Spine
  • Breath
  • Pelvic Floor 
  • Constructive Rest. with guided imagery
  • The efficiency of movement, in all aspects of life, like gardening, or cleaning the house.


Even if the subject is specific, the relationship to the whole body system will be addressed. 

Workshops will include:


  • Knowledge of the function gained through experiencing
  • The use of imagery to facilitate integration of the new knowledge
  • Awareness of what your body is really feeling
  • Conscious movements/exercises to create change
  • EMBODIMENT of YOU inside your body

ZoyaMarie is an inspirational teacher who clearly communicates the conceptual ideas of the Franklin Method by expert demonstration and imagery. She has taught many workshops/classes for ballet students of all ages and ballet teachers as well. She finds ways to present the material in an age appropriate manner.

Ilona McHugh

former dancer with American Ballet Theatre, Ballet Teacher/Coach

ZoyaMarie is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher who’s workshops have helped me with body imaging, sensory perception, and pain relief through her unique blend of approaches. Being in the medical profession, I have some knowledge of anatomy, but I have learned so much on the integration of mind/body connections from ZoyaMarie. This has helped -not only in my daily life, but also for sharing with my patients.

Janet Coyne

MD Pediatrics, Swimmer

Group Programs

Body Unity Systems

offers group programs
that will take you into the depths of understanding
your body and its natural functions

YOU will own the power to
make choices for your own
movement enjoyment!

You will learn how to combine knowledge and imagery to apply to every movement you do.

From the simplest thing, like getting in and out of a chair, to the complex like cycling through hills or mountains, you learn how to notice when your body is “whispering help.” In this way you won’t have to endure the “scream” that will come later after you missed the whisper. You will acquire the tools to give yourself that “help” through body awareness, sensitivity, and practdical techniques.

You may ask, “what tools?”  Well, for starters, it is not a hammer so you can beat yourself up!!

Knowledge of function increases function…
and using applied techniques and imagery will be your own
way to keep that Function!

Hi, Let’s take it for real.

So Bobby is a good knee, a hard worker and does what he/she is told. (the hip and ankle give out the orders)  Bobby functions.  Bobby helps you get up and down, in and out of the car, walk to the bathroom, highly functional.

But one day Bobby groans a little. You barely notice..and pass it off. The next day Bobby  groans twice, a little louder. Again, pass it off, “oh well” you say, just a tweak.

Next time, Bobby isn’t feeling so strong and stepping up the stair feels harder than normal. Now you are out for walk, or even better, a hike with some incline up and down..  and Bobby starts saying “ouch” …. pretty soon Bobby starts catching, or cracking, and so you think….I need a brace. (a bandage for Bobby’s “owie” )

So Bobby gets put in a cage. Bobby is not happy being confined, but Bobby also doesn’t feel safe “out in the wild” cuz he isn’t being “heard”. NO ONE IS LISTENING!!   So, unfortunately, Bobby begins to break down. His Function is getting less and less coordinated..and his pieces start to deteriorate. And here is where we might get to the place of no return…….  

But if we hurry up and listen, REALLY listen to Bobby’s concerns, we might be able to save him/her…. if we don’t, Bobby  will be replaced with metal. Bye Bye Bobby!

Now if we had listened to Bobby when he first whispered, this story would have had a different ending. He could have been soothed, and given lessons on better coordination and alignment right off, and the deterioration wouldn’t have happened. 

The knowledge of how the knee works helps us visualize the function as it happens, whether it is the rhythms of the bone relationships, or the muscle energy that moves the bones, or the surrounding connective tissue, like glue, that holds it together.. or restricts it…. 

…Your mind can play a huge part in helping your body stay mobile and happy. 
This approach applies to ALL parts of your body.

Body Unity Systems Group Programs

Each program will have a theme that involves certain parts of the body,
without disregard to the effect it has on all other parts.

You will acquire:


  • Specific anatomy that relates to the subject

  • Visual and somatical experience of how a part of your body FEELS when you move

  • Manual self-help techniques to release fascia layers to appease tension and pain

  • Knowledge of the breath in relationship to movement and stretching

  • Ways to practice specific movements for stability, mobility and flexibility


Programs are six weekly 1-hour Zoom session. In addition, you will receive:

  • support materials for the content

  • text support

  • A 1 hr private session to get to your personal needs.

VIP One-to-One Sessions

These VIP, Very Important Person, programs are custom designed for only you!

  1. Online work:
  • Specific personal online movement coaching
  • Teaching you how to release your own fascia 
  • Enhancing your personal specific goals through movement reeducation
  • Total Body Structure and Movement evaluation


  1. In studio work: 

so special…..

  • Balls, Bands, GyroTonic, equipment, & music!! 
  • Hands on Bodywork
  • Specific work on your sport 
  • Focused work on your body’s own challenges
  • Body Reading for structure, holding patterns, and movement inhibitions

Hands On Bodywork options:

  • Classic Anatomy Trains Structural Integration 12 Series
  • Fascial Release incorporated into your specific movement needs
  • Aromatherapy, including the Raindrop Technique
  • Experienc the attention and expertise of B U S

Experience the attention and expertise of Body Unity Systems


Package options:

All Online

All In Studio

A combination of both

Finding ZoyaMarie changed my life!

When I began working with ZoyaMarie,  I was suffering from an auto-immune disease. I could hardly get out of bed or even walk. Getting out of the car to go in the house felt monumental. Getting dressed or lifting my arms was torturous. I was on prednisone, which, though I knew it had its downside,  the pain was so great that I felt I had no choice. …..On many levels, i felt my life force was diminishing.

I began to notice changes after just a handful of sessions with ZoyaMarie. One day, after pulling my shirt over my head when getting dressed, I realized that I had had no sensation of pain while doing it!!!  

This was a WOW moment!

Now, with new body awareness, I am taking long walks, doing exercises, working in the garden….and living my life with renewed vigor. ZoyaMarie teaches me ways to to move that I was unaware of despite doing Yoga for 35 yrs. 

I have enormous gratitude for ZoyaMarie. She has not only been instrumental in my healing journey but has guided and empowered me to heal myself by providing me with the tools to do so. I continue to be coached by her online which has proven to be very effective. 

She has totally changed my life!!

Ronnie Feldman

retired Kindergarten Teacher

ZoyaMarie’s genuine magic is in the way she blends all her knowledge and skills together to deliver sessions with remarkable precision and deep love, facilitating powerful transformation.

The level at which she works is of the highest caliber and I am so grateful for the incredible healing I’ve experienced in my life and body from her modalities.

If you have the opportunity to receive her offerings, you will be glad you did.

Alina Faye

bodyworker, dancer, and intuit

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